AUS IN SPACE @ KLUB goud - Aftermovie

With the expression, better late than never, in mind, we would like to present you the aftermovie of AUS IN SPACE @ Klub Goud.

Once again a shoutout to the artists 'Kobe Schepers, Gaia Lufrano, Issa Mushidi and Kevin Senkbeil', live acts Redwood, Amaroo, Universe, Mission To Earth, Maddam and Numen', DJ's 'Dtm Funk, Interfunktastic Spaces & Lil Lawaw', livestreamer 'Shourai', technician 'Cis van Robaeys' and Klub Goud! But the biggest shoutout of all goes out to AV8 Productions for this amazing aftermovie.

Off to the next AUS IN SPACE!


All graphic artists
for the event
have been confirmed

Recording space 02
feat. Universe

Universe new
in Muziekodroom

Redwood & MADDAM’s
22tracks feature

official announcement:
booking agency

Latest track by redwood:
Out of sight

AUS has finished its
first ever interview

Recording Space

We intend to make videos that do our artists justice. We grant them this space because we see something special in them, and that is what we intend to show you. Andy Warhol said “In the future, everyone will get their 15 minutes of fame”. AUS wants to claim Warhol's promise and offer it to talented artists, who honestly deserve this opportunity. We do this with the help of LifePower.

The well-being of any artist is at the core of AUS. The reason you listen to your favourite artist is because they have something special. You connect with them, you may never meet, but you still somehow understand each other. That is music. We listen to our artists, and if we connect with them, we care for them. An artist is not an opportunity to make money. An artist is an opportunity to make something priceless.



Mission to earth



Contact (A)us

If you wish to contact us, simply turn of the lights, light a candle and whisper "AUS" into the mirror 4 times, staring deeply into your own eyes. If this does not work please contact us on

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